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Our customer services team getting involved with our charity of the year

Earlier this year we met the corporate fund raiser for the East Coast Hospice Appeal, our charity of the year to find out how we will be getting involved to help raise funds and awareness, for this local Norfolk charity.
Our team and the East Coast Hospice Appeal

We now have a saliva Cotinine test kit in stock

The new smoking detection test kits work on an oral fluid sample (saliva ). The sensitivity of the test kits is 20ng.
Find out more about saliva Cotinine test kits or buy online

5% discount coupon

We have a new 5% discount coupon code SUM which you can use as many times as you like before the end of July 2018

10% discount coupon workplace10

If you are spending over £500 net VAT on drug and alcohol testing kits in a single order use this coupon code to save 10%. You can use as many times as you like. Only one discount coupon is applied per order.

Drugs News UK

12 months on-the number of drivers charged with driving under the influence of drugs has almost doubled

The new drug driving laws that enable police to drug test drivers at the side of the road have seen a huge increase in the number of drivers being convicted for drug driving. The roadside test or drugalyser allows the police to quickly test for drugs on an oral fluid (saliva ) sample and then if the screening drug test is positive they can take the driver back to the police station for further tests, in the same way they do for drink drivers.
Oral fluid saliva drug testing kits

Pregabalin abuse on the increase

It was in the UK news this week that there have been an increasing number of deaths this year from the prescription drug Pregabalin. This is thought to be due to the drug being readily available on the black market in the UK.

What is Pregabalin ?

Pregabalin is prescrption only. It is an anticonvulsan and is prescribed for epilepsy, and as a pain killer to treat neuropathic pain ie pain that is due to nerve damage. It is also prescribed for anxiety. Pregabalin has a sedateive effect and can also enhance the euphoric effects of other drugs. It may impair a persons ability to drive or operate machinery.

Pregabalin drug testing kits

We now have Pregabalin urine drug test kits in stock at UK Drug Testing and will be adding them to this site shortly


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