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Drug Testing FAQ's

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about drug testing. If you have a question that is not answered here, we are here to help you. Simply e-mail your question to us or call our friendly & helfpful customer service team during office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

Where can I buy drug testing kits?

Drug testing kits are available to buy online , by telephone or by NHS purchase order through this website and also through medical supplies website Valuemed

How long will my drug testing kits take to arrive ?

Most orders received before 3.30pm Monday to Friday are dispatched the same day. Orders received after 3.30pm or at weekends, are dispatched the next working day.
If you need your goods urgently, please select the express next day delivery option, or the next day UK courier with priority packing for the shipping and handling.

Do I need an account to place an order through this website ?

No , simply select the items you wish to order and then proceed to checkout. You have the option to set up an account during the checkout process, if you wish to. Online payment may be made using a credit or debit card or using paypal.

How do I pay for the drug testing kits ?

You can pay securely online either with Paypal Express Checkout or through Worldpay. You may also pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Is your website secure ?

https 128 bit data encryption ensures a fully secure hassle free, safe shopping experience. Our payment processing services are provided by Worldpay and Paypal Express Checkout, service providers to most UK high street store names and leaders in the UK market for service and security. We accept all of the card types shown here. Drug Testing Kits UK

How do I set up an online account ?

Setting up an online account is easy & makes online shopping with us very quick and easy. Simply place an online order through this website, and during the checkout process you will be able to set an account up. Alternatively e-mail us with your order number & request an account. We will will set the account up for you, and e-mail you the login details.

How do I set up a wholesale or NHS drug test account ?

NHS & wholesale purchase orders may be e-mailed , posted or faxed to us. If you are a wholesale or NHS customer then please e-mail trade@adtuk.co.uk and we will e-mail you pricing details or telephone us during office hours 8.30 am to 4.30pm.

What are the detection times and cut offs for the urine drug testing kits ?

This varies between different brands of urine drug test kit. See our detection page for detailed information drug test detection times and cut offs for urine drug testing kits by brand

What are the detection times and cut offs for the saliva drug testing kits ?

This varies between different brands of oral fluid drug test kit. See our saliva detection page for detailed information on saliva drug test detection times and cut offs for saliva drug testing kits by brand

How accurate are the drug testing kits ?

The urine and saliva onsite drug testing kits that we supply are between 97-99% accuracy if used according to the manufacturers instructions. Make sure when using any drug testing kit that you follow the instructions provided, to get the maximimum accuracy

How long does a drug test stay positive ?

The length of time a drug test stays positive depends on:
• the drug that has been used
• the type of drug test kit being used ie whether it is a urine drug test, a saliva drug test or a hair drug test. As a general rule a urine test will stay positive longer than a saliva drug test.
• the sensitivity of the drug test being used
• the metabolism of the person being tested-some individuals clear drugs out of their system faster than others
• the frequency and strength of the drugs used

How long does Cannabis stay positive on a urine drug test ?

Very variable-anything from between 3-4 days to up to 28-30 days.
Cannabis THC drug testing kits urine

Why does Cannabis stay positive on a drug test for so long ?

Cannabis can stay in the body for longer than other drugs because it is stored in fat. If someone is a heavy frequent user then the THC ( Cannabis ) can be stored in their fat cells for up to 28-30 days in some cases. Therefore whether or not a Cannabis drug test stays positive, and for how long it stays positve varies from person to person, depending on the individuals body type & metabolism. In some cases it can be out of the system and clear on a urine drug test in about 4-5 days, and in others it may take up to a month to clear from the urine drug test.Cannabis THC drug testing kits
Is a faint test line on the drug testing kit still a negative ?

Is a faint test line on the drug testing kit still a negative ?

Two lines ( a control line and a test line ) on a urine or saliva drug test kit that appear within the specified test time is a negative result. It does not matter if the test line is faint when compared to the control line. The picture on the right shows a very clear negative result on a urine drug test where both lines are of equal intensity. However sometimes the two lines may differ in intensity and this is still a negative result. This is not of any significance and should be ignored. The test result is negative, whether the line is faint or dark. Drug Testing Kits

What do the codes on the drug tests mean ?

Below are the coding abbrevaitions as they appear on the packaging and on the drug testing kits, and a definition of what they actually test for:
MOP/MOR 300ng/m = MORPHINE (HEROIN, OPIATE).(urine only)
OPI= 2000ng/ml OPIATES (urine test only)
EDDP=EDDP screening tests (for methadone compliance testing)
COT=COTININE (nicotine smoking test)
Multi panel urine drug testing kits

What time of day is best to do a drug test ?

The drug testing kits may be used at any time of day

Do you have any drug testing kits just for Cannabis, Cocaine etc

We are UK's leading online supplier of drug testing kits, & have an extensive range of drug testing kits, including those that test for single drugs.
Single drug testing kits including Cannabis

How much urine do you need for a urine drug test ?

For a multi-panel urine drug test or an E-Z cup drug test you will need between 20-80ml of urine to perform the test. If you are using a simple urine dipstick drug test that tests for just one drug you will need about 20-30ml. You may be able to perform the test on a smaller sample, if you are just using a single strip test.
Multi-panel urine drug tests

Will steroids show up on a urine or saliva drug test ?

The simple answer is no .There is not an onsite drug testing kit that will detect steroids as yet. It would need to be a laboratory test.
Click here to see drug that are detected on a drug testing kit for urine or saliva & the detection times

Is there a drug testing kit for MCAT mephedrone ?

There is now an onsite drug testing kit manufactured that detects MCAT specifically, also known as meow meow, bubble or mephedrone. These drug test kits are now available as a single urine drug testing kit only, but will soon be incorporated into the multi panel, and urine drug testing cup tests.

Because street drugs are often cut with other compounds such as amphetamine and methamphetamine, then an instant drug test for these may show positive in some cases although it is not actually the MCAT that is being detected. MCAT can aslo be detected by laboratory tests on urine, saliva & hair so if the sample is sent to a mephedrone may be detected.
Mephedrone drug testing kits

Which drug test kits are the best ?

Another very common question, that we are asked frequently by businesses, who want to make sure they purchase the best drug testing kits. The answer depends on the context in which the test is being used. For most businesses a saliva drug testing kit is the best choice, as this allows them to be sure that the sample has come from the indivual being tested. The drug test is simple to administer and gives immediate results. The down side is that you do not have a urine sample for laboratory confirmation, so many employers will confirm a positve saliva test with a urine drug test.

If you need any advice on choosing which is the best drug test kit for your particular situation contact our experienced customer services team who will be happy to advise you.
Drug Testing Kits

Which drugs will be tested for when the new roadside Drug Driving law comes into effect in UK ?

The drugs that may be tested for by the Police, using a roadside saliva drug testing kit, under the new UK drug driving law include Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy and Ketamine & Benzodiazepines. Initially it is thought they will just screen for Cannabis and Cocaine at the roadside.
Oral swab saliva drug testing kits

Are drug testing kits available to buy on the high street in UK ?

Currently drug testing kits are not widely available on the UK high street, and most are sold online over the internet. They are available in a small number of limited independent pharmacies across the UK, mainly in large cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow and London.

It is likely that over the next few years we will see home drug test kits become more widely available, until they become available in high street pharmacies such as Boots and Lloyds, in a similar way that pregnancy tests are now widely available and in the longer run they are likely to be sold in supermarkets.
Buy drug testing kits online in UK

Can I buy a drug test for K2 spice ?

Yes, we now have drug testing kits that will detect Spice also known as synthetic Cannabis or K2 and these tests will also differentiate between Cannabis & Synthetic Cannabis ie the K2 spice test will only test positive if this is the drug that has been used and will not give a positve for Cannabis.
K2 Spice (Synthetic Cannabis ) urine drug testing kits

Which are the best drug testing kits for employee drug testing ?

Many employers find that saliva drug testing kits are more convenient for first line drug screening than urine, as there is no need for urine collection or handling, collection can be easily observed, and can be perfomed easily onsite anywhere, without the need for toilet facilities. The results are available immediately within about 5-10 minutes, and there are fewer chain of custody implications, as the sampling can be directly observed.

Another advantage to saliva drug testing for employers is that the window of detection for saliva is generally much shorter than with urine, and so a positive result suggests that an employee is under the influence of drugs, while at work. Posive results on onsite tests should be confirmed with a laboratory urine drug test.

If toilet facillities are available, then urine drug testing may be an option. The advantage of urine drug testing is that it is generally much cheaper then saliva testing, is very easy to perfom and in the case of the E-Z drug test kits with incorporated cup, the sample can easily be sent to a lab for confirmation if positive.
Drug testing kits for workplace and employers
Will Mephedrone show up on a drug test ?

Will Mephedrone show up on a drug test ?

There is now a specific drug test kit for Mephedrone that detects 4-MMC in urine for up to 7-14 hours since last use. Mephedrone 4-MMC MCAT drug test kits

How long after last use can Ketamine be detected on drug test ?

KET Ketamine is a veterinary anaesthetic and can be detected in urine for up to 3-5 days. Ketamine is becomingly increasingly popular in the UK, and is now available as a screen on several multi panel urine drug testing kits, as well as available as a single urine drug test kit. We do not currently have an onsite rapid saliva drug testing kit for Ketamine but a laboratory test would be able to detect it.
Ketamine drug testing kits

Can you ask an employee to take a drug test ?

Because of the health & safety risks associated with the use of drugs in the workplace it is important to have a drug testing policy written in to your company contract, and also into your health and safety policy. This should be drawn up between employer and employees. In the policy you should assess any health risks associated with drug misuse within the workplace, any health and safety benefits that drug testing will give, how & when the testing will be done, and what disciplinary action will be taken. To drug test your employees you need their consent.
More information on drug testing your employees

Where can you get a drug test done ?

Many companies now do their own onsite drug testing. To do this you can either have an allocated member of staff to do the testing, or you can use a drug testing company to come in and provide the service. We can supply you with drug testing kits to do the testing yourselves, or we can refer you on to companies that we work with, who will come in and do the testing for you.

Alternatively you may consider using an occupational healthcare provider. In this case the person being drug tested will usually go to the office of the provider, and the drug test will be performed there. Some GP surgeries will povide this service as part of an employment or pre-employment medical, although you may need to provide the drug testing kit.

If you are recruiting, many recruitment agencies provide drug testing as part of the pre-employment screening process.

Do the Opiate drug test membranes detect Fentanyl ?

Fentanyl is a seperate drug test membrane to Opiates and there is no cross reactivity. We do not currently have any Fentanyl membranes in our UK stock but if you require drug test kits with a Fentanyl membrane we can have them manufactured for you. Contact us for pricing.

Do you have a drug testing kit to detect U-47700 ?

U47700 is a synthetic drug with an opiod effect. It is said to have a much stronger effect than heroin and has been connected with a large number of deaths in the USA and some in Europe mainly thought to be due to respiratory depression. The drug which is a painkiller can be taken orally, injected or snorted. We do not currently have a drug testing kit to detect this drug.

What is APB and how do we screen for it?

As drug users realise that employers and the police roadside test are screening for Cannabis, new synthetic forms of Cannabis such as APB and K2, that are not detected on a standard THC test, are becoming more popular and widely abused.
Many of our newer workplace drug testing kirts now include a screen for K2.
We have a multi-panel urine drug test kit that screen for THC, K2 & APB

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