Festival Season

Festival Season

The festival season has begun coinciding with a sharp increase in 6 major party drugs. Cannabis, Cocaine, Ketamine, Ecstasy, LSD and Mushrooms are all easy to find and buy at large music festivals, such as Boomtown. Alcohol is still the biggest player with more than 90% of attendee's being intoxicated at some point in their visit, however ketamine and ecstasy appear to be trending upwards, with users commonly mixing the 3 drugs in-combination. Phsycadelics are also a big seller, with many people planning to score the drugs inside, for the first time.

Due to high train prices, and lack of funding into public transport, its not surprising that we are observing an increasing number of festival-goers drive to and from festivals, with many groups car-pooling. Car pooling being a some-what green alternative is great... until the driver is potentially impaired due to recent drug use. A study conducted by Uswitch temporary car insurance found that 63% of festival drivers admitted they didn't feel completely sober while driving back from the festival. Having a flood of drunk and drug induced drivers on the roads, has the potential to cause a multitude of serious traffic incidents.

Boomtown is leading the way with green transport initiatives, offering discounted tickets to campers that use their assigned coaches to travel to and from the festival grounds. Not only does this reduce C02 emissions, it also protects UK roads from potentially intoxicated drivers that could cause fatal accidents. Hopefully we will see more festivals offering green transport incentives in the future.

If you fear someone you know might be at risk of drug driving you can use our 5 Panel Urine Drug Test specifically designed to test for the most abundant festival drugs; Cannabis, Cocaine, Ketamine, Ecstasy and Amphetamines, we are extending this panel in the future to include LSD.

Urine 5 Panel Drug Test (Festival)
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