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In today's fast-paced world, at-home drug testing kits have become a go-to solution for individuals and families seeking immediate answers regarding substance abuse concerns. Our drug testing kits, available in various forms including urine, saliva, and drink, offer a cost effective and discreet means to screen for drugs in the comfort of your own home or on a night out.

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When browsing through our home drug testing product catalogue, you'll discover that each drug test kit is accompanied by a detailed step-by-step guide, an informative video, and various downloadable resources—all provided to you at no cost.

Additionally, our dedicated UK-based customer service team, comprised of specially trained drug testing experts, is on hand to offer valuable advice and assist you in navigating through the procedures for conducting all our home drug tests.

  • Urine (Recommended)

    Urine drug testing is the best choice for home drug testing, as it offers the longest detection period for drugs and is the simplest type of drug test to perform.

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  • Saliva multi panel drug test ALLTEST


    Saliva drug testing although less suited to home drug testing, can still be helpful as it has a shorter detection window for drugs, so indicates recent drug use.

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  • Drink Drug Testing Kit - protect yourself from drink spiking


    Quick tests to check your drinks for drugs can be a useful tool to prevent and detect drink spiking.

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Home Drug Test Kits Expertly Designed For Accurate & Immedate Results

Accuracys comparable to GCMS lAb TEsts

Designed to detect a spectrum of substances, these drug test kits cater to diverse needs and detection windows, ensuring thorough coverage for concerned parents, job seekers preparing for screenings, and individuals proactively monitoring their health habits. While providing quick accurate results, it's important to recognise the limitations of these home drug tests and consider professional guidance for comprehensive support. With cost-effectiveness and confidentiality at their core, these home drug test kits serve as invaluable tools for promoting awareness and initiating vital conversations about substance abuse within households. Discover the ease and peace of mind that at-home drug testing kits offer today!

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