Collection: Alcohol Test Kits

Alcohol Test Kits

We stock a range of single or multi-use test devices for indicating alcohol blood levels.

What does BAC stand for?

Blood Alcohol Content

Detect alcohol blood toxicity through breath

The Al7000 (semiconductor) and Test and drive (chemical) breathalysers detect BAC levels which can be used to diagnose if someone's blood alcohol level is too high against country standards. These models will require users to blow into a sensor.

Detect alcohol blood toxicity in saliva

Saliva alcohol test strips detect alcohol in a sample liquid and provide an approximate BAC result. These tests should not be used too close to alcohol consumption. Ideally 20 minutes should be left before. Likewise these tests will become less accurate as the body breaks down the consumed alcohol. After extended periods of time an ETG urine test should be used instead. 

Detect alcohol blood toxicity in urine

Urine ETG alcohol test strips detect alcohol in a urine sample up to 80 hours after consumption.