Strangest Things People Have Tried to Cheat Drug Tests

Strangest Things People Have Tried to Cheat Drug Tests

Drug tests have become a standard procedure in many workplaces, schools, and even sports organizations. While most people abide by the rules and undergo testing honestly, some resort to bizarre and creative methods to cheat the system. In this blog, we'll explore the top 10 strangest things people have tried to cheat drug tests, showcasing the ingenuity (or lack thereof) of those determined to beat the odds.

Synthetic Urine

At the top of the list is synthetic urine, a go-to solution for many individuals seeking to evade detection. Marketed as a substitute for real urine, these products often come with heating pads to mimic body temperature and even include additives to mimic the chemical composition of natural urine.

Detox Drinks

Claiming to flush toxins out of the body, detox drinks have gained popularity among those looking for a quick fix before a drug test. These beverages often contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs purported to cleanse the system and mask drug metabolites temporarily.

Substitution with Animal Urine

In a desperate attempt to outsmart drug tests, some individuals have resorted to substituting their own urine with that of animals, such as dogs or cats. However, the distinct odor and chemical composition of animal urine make this method easily detectable by testing labs.

Mouthwash and Gum

Certain mouthwashes and chewing gums are marketed as masking agents for drug tests, claiming to neutralize saliva and mask the presence of drugs. While these products may temporarily alter the pH balance of saliva, they are unlikely to provide reliable results and are easily detected by advanced testing methods.


Individuals have been known to tamper with urine samples by adding adulterants such as bleach, soap, or vinegar in an attempt to invalidate the test results. However, most drug testing laboratories have procedures in place to detect adulterated samples, rendering this method ineffective.


Some people attempt to dilute their urine samples by drinking excessive amounts of water or other fluids before the test. While dilution may temporarily reduce the concentration of drug metabolites, it also lowers the specific gravity and creatinine levels in the urine, flagging the sample as adulterated.

Synthetic Genitals

Believe it or not, there are products available on the market designed to help individuals cheat urine tests by using synthetic genitals equipped with hidden reservoirs for storing clean urine. However, these devices are often bulky, conspicuous, and prone to malfunction, making them more trouble than they're worth.

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