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Urine Multi Drug Cup

Urine Multi Drug Cup

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ALLTEST urine multi-drug cup is the best choice for home or workplace testing, it includes everything you need to quickly test for multiple drugs with high accuracy.

For advanced information on the range of drug sensitivities, refer to our urine drug detection table


  • Delivers precise results comparable to a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) laboratory test.
  • Provides distinct results for each specified drug type.
  • Holds certifications from CE, FDA, and ISO, meeting comprehensive professional and healthcare In Vitro Diagnostic Device (IVDD) standards.
  • Enables result interpretation within a brief 3-5 minute timeframe.
  • Each unit is meticulously foil-wrapped and secured for individual assurance.
  • Produced by ALLTEST.


  • Discreet packaging (Contact for discreet packaging when purchasing 25+ Tests)
  • Fast UK delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Long expiration dates (Unless specified otherwise)

How to take a urine drug cup test?

Professional Drug Testing

Step 1


When you are ready to test, remove the cup from its foil packaging.

Professional Drug Testing



When ready, ask the donor to provide a fresh sample into the cup, between the minimum and maximum fill indicators on the cup wall.

After a sample has been provided, seal the lid tightly, and place the cup on a flat surface

Start a timer for 5 minutes and wait for the test to run.

Professional Drug Testing



After 5 minutes, remove the results cover from the cup side to reveal the results windows.

Check for control lines in all the results columns.

If control lines are not observed on all windows, wait a further 5 minutes for the test to complete, any test windows without a control line are invalid after 10 minutes.

A POSITIVE test will show only a control line and no test line at 10 minutes
A NEGATIVE test will show both control line and test line as early as 5 minutes