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Buprenorphine Drug Tests

Explore the best Buprenorphine drug tests for workplace and home drug testing expertly designed to deliver instant and accurate results in 5 - 10 minutes.

What are Buprenorphines?

Buprenorphine is a distinctive medication renowned for its role in managing opioid addiction and chronic pain. Classed as a partial opioid agonist, it activates the same brain receptors as an opiate but to a lesser extent, reducing euphoria and the risk of respiratory issues compared to full opioids. This drug effectively curbs withdrawal symptoms and cravings, aiding in the gradual tapering of opioids. Often paired with naloxone to prevent misuse, buprenorphine comes in diverse forms—sublingual tablets, dissolvable films, and implants—and is typically integrated into supervised programs or under medical guidance as part of a comprehensive treatment approach.

Will Buprenorphine show on an Opiate drug test?

No, Buprenorphine is classed as a partial opioid agonist which shares a lot of characteristics with an opioid however will not show up on an opiate test.

What does BUP stand for on a drug test?