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AL7000 Digital Breathalyser

AL7000 Digital Breathalyser

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AL7000 Breathalyser mg/l

The AL7000 breathalyzer, featuring the latest model with a prism-replaceable sensor module, is equipped to display results in mg/l. Housed in a durable storage case, this device is both accurate and dependable. An optimal choice for various settings, including schools, nightclubs, clinics, hostels, and personal use, the AL7000 is user-friendly and comes with a 12-month UK warranty. With dedicated UK customer support and complimentary standard delivery, it offers a comprehensive solution for your breathalyzer needs.

This premium EU model of the AL7000 alcohol breath tester displays mg/l

  • Breath alcohol content 0.220 for Scotland, Ireland & France.
  • 0.350 for the rest of the UK.
  • 0.090 for workplace HSE screening.

What's included?

  • Hard storage case
  • AL7000 breathalyser with sensor & 2 x AA batteries fitted
  • 5 breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Wrist strap
  • 12V DC power cable in car charger
  • AL7000 breathalyser user manual
  • 12 month warranty with UK based Customer Support

Key points about the AL7000 breathalyser

  • Certified with CE, FDA, RoHS, and DOT credentials.
  • Displays result in mg/litre with an impressive 0.000 4-digit accuracy.
  • Incorporates diagnostic features with sensor self-checking.
  • The AL7000 breathalyzer intelligently signals when a sensor replacement is necessary, accompanied by audible alerts for user notification.
  • The design boasts the easiest-to-change breathalyzer sensor, ensuring seamless replacement.
  • Its sleek, compact dimensions of 104mm x 50mm x 20mm house a robust and reliable digital breathalyzer.
  • Operating with a single button, it features replaceable, calibrated sensor modules for quick swap-and-go functionality.
  • The inclusion of an active flow rate sensor and a battery indicator enhances its overall efficiency.

    How to use a digital breathalyser?

    Professional Drug Testing

    Step 1


    Fit a new mouth piece to the breathalyser. and power up the unit. The breathalyser will start its countdown

    Professional Drug Testing

    STEP 2


    When prompted blow in a continuous and steady manner until the unit indicates it has completed sampling

    Professional Drug Testing

    STEP 3


    The Breathalyser will calculate and display the alcohol reading in the determined units.