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Test & Drive Disposable Breathalyser Kit

Test & Drive Disposable Breathalyser Kit

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The Test & Drive Alcohol Breathalyser Kit serves as a vital instrument for the monitoring and assessment of blood alcohol levels. Equipped with a chemical breathalyser, it ensures precise measurement of your alcohol limit. Attain peace of mind through swift and accurate results within a matter of minutes.

Test & Drive single-use disposable breathalyser kits for the detection of alcohol on a person's breath.


  • These single-use breathalysers are straightforward to use and offer clear readings – match the crystal color post-test for semi-quantitative results at 0.0, 0.2, 0.5, and 0.8%o equivalent blood alcohol levels.
  • These breath alcohol test kits serve can be used for self-testing or workplace 0.0%o testing, HSE 0.2%o compliance, Scotland Driving at 0.5%o, and England at 0.8%o.
  • Results within 2 minutes.
  • The compact design of the Test And Drive breathalyser kit allows for convenient carrying in a pocket, glove box, or purse.


        • Discreet packaging
        • Fast UK delivery
        • Excellent customer service
        • Long expiration dates (Unless specified otherwise)

          How to use a disposable breathalyser?

          Professional Drug Testing

          Step 1


          Remove the single-use disposable breathalyser from its packaging and familiarise yourself with the instructions for use supplied with the test.

          Professional Drug Testing

          STEP 2


          When ready to perform the test, compress both ends of the tube firmly towards the center of the tube. The foil seals at either end will be broken. Ask the donor to blow through the tube for 10 seconds and then repeat again for a further 10 seconds.

          Professional Drug Testing

          STEP 3


          After 2 minutes. Compare the colour change of the crystals in the clear window against the nearest match in the instructions insert or on the side of the breathalyser tube to read the alcohol level detected.