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Saliva Drug Test Kit

Saliva Drug Test Kit

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ALLTEST Saliva drug test kits are used to detect the presence of drugs in an oral saliva sample.

For advanced information on the range of drug sensitivities, refer to our saliva drug detection table


  • Premium oral fluid swab drug test kit
  • Quick and easy-to-use oral test kit
  • Read the results in 5 minutes.
  • Full CE & international quality certified.
  • Each test kit is individually foil-wrapped, including test cassette, swab, and collector
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST


  • Discreet packaging
  • Fast UK delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Long expiration dates (Unless specified otherwise)

How to do an oral swab saliva drug test? (Single Drug)

Professional Drug Testing

Step 1


Remove the test device and a sample collector from their foils, just before you are ready to perform the test.

Professional Drug Testing



Introduce the swab collector into the oral cavity and ask the donor to feed saliva onto the sponge until it is no longer firm. When soft, swab the sponge all around the gums, teeth and tongue, roof of the mouth and under the tongue, to collect any drug residues. The ask the donor to saturate the sponge with further saliva. Expect collection to take 5 minutes. The commonest cause of invalid results is inadequate saliva collection.

Professional Drug Testing



Transfer the sponge to the saliva collector and ensure adequate saliva is obtained as indicated by the minimum volume line. Transfer the saliva to the test device and start the timer.

Read results at 5-minutes.